Analyzing Tactics, Make Videos of your Exercises

easy Animation is probably the easiest-to-use animation software in the world.
It is the ideal tool for tactical analysis.


A video says more than thousand words


Develop your own exercises. Show your players an exercise in a video. Analize tactics in front of an audience. easy Animation is the perfect tool for that.


Easy Handling


With easy Animation you do not need to be a computer expert to produce animations. You drag and drop players on the field. You create one scene after the other. Everything can be changed.

example animations

Easily to understand animations


Have a look at some example animations created with easy Animation.  Soccer Examples 




Fields, players and tools for 6 Sports in 1 version: Soccer, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey and Ice Hockey.


Drawing Function


Highlight a player, a part of a field, a situation somewhere on the field like on TV. There is also a free to style rectangle.




Let your players run and shoot in any direction, even in curves.



Lots of Tools


easy Animation contains lots of tools, fields and players. You may even use  tools, fields and players of the other sports included in the software.


Time Line


A lot of functions are located directly in the time line: Delete a scene, scene text, duplicate a scene.




Export to MPEG.


Work smart


easy Animation has numerous work facilities, e.g. you can fix the tools, move several players at once, color …


Animated players


Choose between players who move arms and legs, the “old”, static players and the tactics tools.


Swap animations


If your colleagues also have easy animation, just send them the small original files of their animation. Or receive the animations of your colleagues and import them.


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